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Privacy Policy
Revision: June 21st, 2021
Privacy Policy
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This statement sets out SimBrief's policies with regards to personal information, and provides insight into how this information is collected and used.

About SimBrief

SimBrief is a flight simulation website owned and operated by Navigraph KB (SE969697064001), Stora Nygatan 7, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden. The website's server is located in Montreal, Canada.

Your Data Rights and Opting Out

To request that your personal data be removed from SimBrief, to view what personal data SimBrief has about you, or to change your preferences regarding the use of Persistent Cookies, please visit the Privacy Settings page.

If you are a registered SimBrief user, you can also modify or delete your personal data from the Account Settings page.

Information Collected by SimBrief

For any individuals who visit the SimBrief website, the following information may be collected as applicable:

  • A record of the pages you visit and/or the content you download from the website. This information is known as a "Server Log" and is used for diagnostic purposes. SimBrief's server logs are automatically deleted after 10 days.
  • Your IP Address, which is automatically collected as part of the Server Log for security reasons and to prevent abuse.
  • A Session Cookie may be saved to your computer to permit basic website functionality. This cookie does not contain any personal information.
  • Additional anonymous information about your activity on the website, such as which pages were viewed during your visit, is recorded using Google Analytics. Please see the Information Collected by Google Analytics section for more details.
  • If you consent to the use of Persistent Cookies, your consent will be recorded in SimBrief's database in accordance with the EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This consent will be linked to your IP address and, if applicable, your SimBrief account. A cookie may also be used to save your consent status, please see the Use of Cookies section for more details.

When creating an account on the SimBrief website, the following additional information may be collected:

  • Username: This will be stored in the database to identify your account.
  • Password: SimBrief only stores an irreversible hashed version of your password in the database. The actual password you provide is never saved on the server.
  • First/Last Name: This name is inserted under "Captain's Name" when you generate a flight plan. You are not required to provide your real name in this space and SimBrief does not use the name you provide for any other purpose. Please note that all flight plans created on SimBrief are publicly viewable, and therefore the name you enter might be seen by others.
  • E-mail Address: Your e-mail address is stored in the database in case you forget your password. Usually, SimBrief only uses this address to send an activation e-mail when you initially create your account and to send you a new password if you request one though the "Password Reset Tool". In very rare circumstances, it could be used to send you other important information regarding your account. Your e-mail address will not be visible to other users anywhere on the website.
  • Terms Acceptance: A record of your acceptance of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Persistent Cookies will be saved in the database, as applicable. This record will also include the date, time, and method of acceptance.

In addition, the following information may be collected, used, or shared when you use your SimBrief account:

  • Additional cookies may be saved to your computer to track your login and account status. For more information, please see the Use of Cookies section below.
  • Any flight plans you generate (and by extension any information or options you choose to include in your flight plans) will be publicly viewable on the SimBrief website.
  • A historical record of each flight plan you generate (as well as any options you specified) will be kept in the database to enable certain account features, as well as provide diagnostic and statistical website data.
  • Routes you enter when generating your flight plans will be de-identified and added to SimBrief's main "Routes Database" so that they can be suggested to other users.
  • Flights or airframes you save will be tied to your account and will only be visible to you.
  • Content and/or messages you post in the support forum will be publicly visible, except when using the "Private Message" feature. The support forum may also log your IP address for diagnostic purposes and to prevent abuse, but your IP will not be shown publicly. Other SimBrief users may be able to see the number of messages you post, the date you registered your account, and the date you last logged into the forum by viewing your forum profile.
  • If you choose to unlock a Navigraph AIRAC cycle, a record will be kept in the database of each AIRAC cycle you have unlocked. A record will also be kept of your current Navigraph subscription and basic account information to speed up future AIRAC unlocks.
  • If you choose to download and use the SimBrief Downloader program, some anonymous usage information may be collected to better understand how people are using the program. This information may include your operating system version, your SimBrief Downloader version, an anonymized portion of your IP address, as well as which SimBrief Downloader feature(s) you are using.
  • Any other information you intentionally send or upload to the website will be saved on the server, including but not limited to: Active Sky weather data uploaded from your PC.
Lawful Bases for Personal Data Processing

Much of SimBrief's processing of personal data is to meet its contractual obligations to its users. In other words, the data you provide when registering or using your account is used by SimBrief to provide its service to you. Only personal data which is required to provide the SimBrief service is collected and stored in this context.

For the collection, use, or transfer of any personal data that is not required by SimBrief to provide its service, your express consent will be requested where required by law.

Data Security and Storage

SimBrief employs numerous technical measures to protect or encrypt any personal information that is sent to or stored on the web server. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and although measures are taken to protect your personal data, SimBrief cannot guarantee the security of any data transmitted to the server. Once your information has been received, it is protected using a variety of security features to try to prevent unauthorized access.


This service is for users age 13 and over and SimBrief does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe he or she has disclosed personal information, please contact SimBrief by e-mail at: email. For residents of the European Economic Area (EEA), where the processing of personal information is based on consent, SimBrief will not knowingly engage in that processing for users under the age of consent established by applicable data protection law. If it is learned that SimBrief is engaged in that processing with such users, such processing will be halted and reasonable measures will be taken to promptly remove the associated information.

Use of Cookies

SimBrief uses cookies to store login and session information. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your web browser on your computer or mobile device. Cookies on the SimBrief website are divided into 2 categories: "Basic Cookies" (those which are temporary in nature and/or required for the website to function) and "Persistent Cookies" (those which can remain on your computer following your visit to enable certain account features and collect anonymous usage data). SimBrief has chosen to obtain your consent prior to using any Persistent Cookies.

Basic Cookies:

  • Session Cookies: These are temporary in nature and are required for basic website functionality. They contain no personal information. SimBrief saves a session cookie every time a user visits the website, but this cookie is automatically deleted once the web browser is closed.
  • Forum Cookies: The SimBrief Support Forum uses session cookies for basic functionality and to enable user-interface customization. For visitors who have not consented to Persistent Cookies, these cookies will be deleted as soon as your browser is closed.
  • Analytics Cookies: These help track website traffic for diagnostic and statistical purposes and are used in conjunction with Google Analytics. For visitors who have not consented to Persistent Cookies, they will act as Session Cookies and be deleted as soon as your browser is closed (or very shortly thereafter). They do not contain any personal identifying information. Please see the Information Collected by Google Analytics section for more details.

Persistent Cookies:

  • Consent Cookies: Once you consent to the use of Persistent Cookies or accept the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, SimBrief may save a cookie on your computer to "remember" your consent for future visits to the website.
  • Login Cookies: These make it possible to track your login status when you visit the website. If you tell the website to remember your login, this cookie will save your login status for future website visits. Otherwise, it is automatically deleted once the web browser is closed. It contains your username as well as a randomized text string that is used to validate your login. It does not contain your password or any other personal information.
  • Forum Cookies: These are the same as described above in the "Basic Cookies" section, only they will now remain on your computer following your visit to remember your user-interface settings and to enable the persistent login feature.
  • Analytics Cookies: These are the same as described above in the "Basic Cookies" section, only they will now remain on your computer following your visit to help identify returning visitors.
Information Collected by Google Analytics

Visitor activity is tracked using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is subject to Google's Privacy Policy, which you can find on Google's website. Information collected and processed by Google Analytics includes an anonymized portion of the user's IP address, a rough network and geographic location, which pages are most visited on the website, referring websites, and other reporting information that helps SimBrief analyze its website usage. Google Analytics acquires all its information directly from the user, by installing a "cookie" on the user's computer. SimBrief does not share any personal information it collects with Google, and Google Analytics does not collect any personal identifying information.

For visitors who have not consented to the use of Persistent Cookies, Google Analytics will only save a temporary Session Cookie on your computer that will be deleted as soon as you close your web browser (or shortly thereafter). For visitors who have consented to the use of these cookies, they will be stored for up to 2 years and will be used to determine whether a visitor has been to the website before.

Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking at any time by visiting: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Third Parties

Other than previously disclosed in this Privacy Policy, user information stored on this website will never be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any third parties, unless such a transfer has been expressly consented to or requested by the user.

External Links

This website may contain links to other websites which are hosted by and maintained by third parties. Proceeding to such websites is at your own risk and SimBrief makes no representations regarding the content of any such website. SimBrief cannot be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of third party websites.