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About SimBrief
Photo by Emil Bruckner

Established in the spring of 2013, SimBrief.com was created to share a series of flight planning tools with the general Flight Simulation community. The goal is to accurately reproduce the briefing packages that real-world pilots use, as well as provide detailed fuel, time, and performance calculations based on real-world weather data. SimBrief is designed to be easy to use and is compatible with a wide variety of flight simulators and third-party aircraft.

SimBrief's navigational database is powered by Navigraph, the flight simulation community's trusted source for updated charts and navigational data. Navigraph subscribers always have access to the latest navigational data on SimBrief, while those without a subscription can freely use the default data cycle (which is slightly dated).

In April 2021, Navigraph acquired SimBrief in a continuation of the close relationship that has always existed between them. Using the data and resources Navigraph has available, this move will make for some exciting new features and better integration between both services in the future.

All told, SimBrief runs on over 150,000 lines of custom PHP code and has been in development since 2010. The systems are always being updated; users with feature requests are invited to post them in the support forum.


SimBrief is made possible by numerous third-party data providers and developers, listed below:

Since the website's release, several individuals have contributed data, bug reports, guidance, and advice. Their contributions have been key to improving the SimBrief service, thank you to the following individuals:

  • Ahmed Hassan
  • Bernardo Reis
  • Brett Holcomb
  • Cody Diamond
  • Dimitris Themistocleous
  • Ed McCoy
  • Furio Piscitelli
  • Heigo Tomba
  • James White
  • Jonathan Phillips
  • Jose M Pereira
  • Kyle Rodgers
  • Matt Butterworth
  • Matthew Montgomery
  • Paolo Fumagalli
  • Phil Kurus
  • Ryan Cooper
  • Sean Averre
  • Vangelis Boulasikis