Flight Planning Made Easy Welcome to SimBrief, a free flight planning service provided by Navigraph for Flight Simulation enthusiasts looking to take their flights to the next level!

Registered Navigraph users gain access to a web-based dispatching system, capable of generating in-depth flight plan packages featuring detailed fuel planning, weather forecasts, current NOTAMs, ETOPS calculations, and much more in seconds!
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SimBrief and Navigraph To access SimBrief, users need to sign in using a Navigraph account. Creating a Navigraph account is free, quick and easy.

SimBrief is free to use, however, it uses a slightly outdated navigation database by default. You can purchase a Navigraph subscription after registering, which will give you access to the latest real-world navigation data encoded for flight simulator use, updated every 28 days.
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Detailed Fuel Planning SimBrief supports many of the most popular aircraft types! These aircraft profiles have been developed over many years and have been tested for compatibility with a wide range of add-ons and simulators.

Currently the database contains over 120 aircraft types, a full list can be viewed by clicking the button below.
Full Aircraft List Photo by Håkan Dahlström
Downloadable FMS Files SimBrief now supports over 40 different FMS and route file formats for a variety of simulators, programs, and third-party aircraft. Simply generate a flight plan and select your files from the FMS Downloads list.

In addition, the new FMS Downloader program makes it possible to automatically download and install your selected route files whenever you generate a SimBrief flight plan. Click below to visit the downloads page and try it for yourself!
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Detailed Flight Planning

The SimBrief Dispatch System is the web's most comprehensive FREE virtual flight planning service. Features include detailed fuel calculations for over 120 aircraft types, an extensive route database, real-world weather forecasts, current NOTAMs, ETOPS planning, and much more!

What Does it All Mean?

Visit the User Guide or view the Tutorial Video for a detailed look at how to use the SimBrief Dispatch System. The user guide also features an Interactive OFP Sample which makes it possible to hover over any area of a sample flight plan for a description of what it means and how it's used.

Current AIRAC Cycles

SimBrief is provided by Navigraph, the flight simulation community's trusted source for updated charts and navigational data (such as airports, waypoints, and airways). Navigraph subscribers always have access to the latest AIRAC cycles on SimBrief, please visit the Account Settings page for more details.

News Releases

June 16th, 2021 at 21:26Z

SimBrief Downloader Updated: Version 1.5.1 of the SimBrief Downloader is now available, please read the Facebook Post for the full list of changes. Users should be prompted to update automatically, or they can download it manually here.

April 21st, 2021 at 19:58Z

Default AIRAC Cycle Updated: In keeping with past years, SimBrief's free/default AIRAC cycle has just been updated to AIRAC 2003! This cycle contains slightly outdated data (from February 2020), but can be freely used by all SimBrief users by default.

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